Freelance Feels: Conversations about self-employed life

Gardening, freelancing and mental health with Ellen Mary Gardening

August 26, 2022

Gardening and freelancing is an analogy I've loved for a long time, and we (ahem) dig deep into it in this episiode!

Ellen Mary is a gardener, author, broadcaster, co-host of the plant based podcast and radio show host, promoting the wellbeing benefits of gardening, plants and the natural world. She writes a regular column in Grow Your Own Magazine and her first book The Joy of Gardening; the every day zen of mowing the lawn, was released in May 2021. Her second book How to Grow a Garden was release in July 2022. She also has  horticulture training, many years of gardening experience, social and therapeutic horticulture, cognitive behavior therapy and wellness coaching.

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