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Community and networking with Freelance Mum Faye Dicker

July 15, 2022

Get ready for some inspiring chat and a big dose of positive energy in this episode with Faye Dicker, AKA Freelance Mum.

Faye is a Broadcaster, Voiceover and founder of the award-winning network
Freelance Mum.

Faye set up Freelance Mum in 2013, when she struggled to find a
network for fellow mums in business. If it didn’t exist then she’d just
have to create one!

Freelance Mum was established and successfully run in Bristol for 7
years, before pivoting during lockdown to launch hubs across the

Faye has been named Top 100 Most Influential Women in The
West for two consecutive years, awarded Freelance Ambassador of the
Year Award and Covid-19 Success Story, for her work with Freelance

When she’s not busy running her businesses (or on the school run!) Faye
can often be found swimming in her local lido and Clevedon Marine Lake.


Find Faye at 

Follow on instagram: @freelancemum01


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