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Freelance Feels with Steve Keith: ‘The Branding Man’ and founder of the Queer Student Awards

April 14, 2021

This episode I speak to Steve Keith, AKA The Branding Man, all about his journey from teaching to self-employment, and his passion for helping young people. We chat about the impact of lockdown on work, the feels of coming out of lockdown as a self-employed person, the nerves we might be feeling about socialising and networking, as well as dealing with anxiety and moving to a new city when you’re freelance and finding time for new friendships as well as work connections.


Steve is an employer brand consultant on a mission to help more young people, regardless of their background, to access the world of work by supporting employers in creating memorable brand experiences that both recognise and celebrate difference. He hosts the My Career Story podcast, a weekly conversation during which he learns more about the inspirational career stories behind the guests featured. As a cisgender gay man he is an advocate of the LGBTQ+ community and recently launched The Queer Student Awards. Find out more about his work at and follow him on Instagram @thebrandingman

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