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Freelance Feels with Gemma Bray, AKA The Organised Mum

December 9, 2020

Gemma Bray created The Organised Mum Method (TOMM) 13 years ago when her first baby was born. Overwhelmed as a new mother her anxiety manifested itself as over-cleaning and she soon found herself cleaning for hours each day. Determined to stop cleaning from taking over her life she sat at her kitchen table and developed a method that took only 30 mins each day, she freed herself from the never-ending to-do list in her head and created a method that gave her cleaning free weekends. You can find Gemma on Instagram (@the_organised_mum); Facebook (@theorganisedmumUK; and YouTube (The Organised Mum).

In this episode, Gemma delves into how that can help us as freelancers, as well as her own solutions for daily juggling of working life, parenting life and, well, a pandemic.

From fish and chip shops to influencer life, she opens up about freelance highs and lows, and how the washing machine can help you with your self-employed life.


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