Freelance Feels: Conversations about self-employed life

Community and connecting with Matthew Knight from

September 10, 2021

Do you find comfort and support in freelance communities?

It's time to talk about the why and how of founding one, as well as what you can gain from taking part - and how to build up your confidence, too. Matthew shares his thoughts on mental health as a freelancer, being lonely even when you're in a co-working space and advice for anyone thinking of setting up their own freelance community.

Matthew Knight is an award winning independent creative strategist and innovator who helps businesses figure out what to do next. His recent clients include LEGO, P&G, Klarna, adidas and Accenture. He's also Chief Freelance Officer at Leapers: a project supporting the mental health of the self-employed. He lives with his two daughters in West London.

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